Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It's Destiny!

We all got notification in late June, early July that our new software program will be Follett's Destiny. I am doing a happy dance! We don't know the exact timetable, but this is wonderful news. We will be starting school next week with Dynix, but it is a short time until we move to the 21st century!

I was in school this week and we have new HP thin clients being installed. Not only do they look awesome but the kids can use their flash drives! What a difference this will make in being able to finish their assignments in the library. I am really looking forward to these changes.

Today we had an updated class on Microsoft FrontPage and I redid some of the library website. This was also the day that my last paper for my graduate school was submitted! Now all I need to wait on is a meeting with my advisor and a grade and I AM FINISHED! MSLIS done! Five long years of taking classes completed. So, my husband s taking me on a mini trip to Chicago to celebrate. We will be tourists for a couple of days and see some museums and enjoy some time together before the hectic school year begins.