Saturday, September 09, 2006

Great News - a useful catalog??

In fighting with Dynix for I don't know how long, calling tech support and working with our tech person I just found out that our antiquated Unix catalog has the capability to be accessed on the Web! That means we might have a catalog that looks like the one at our high school. OMG, this means it might actually be usable to the kids and staff, what a concept. I can't wait to get the info and reconfigure our two lonely search stations so that a classes can search the library from any computer in the school or at home. This means the kids could actually use it to search for books. We might also be able to do our holds electronically and not with paper slips. This is the best news I have had all year.

On other fronts, since I only got half of the Michael and Jenny road show in our 753 class, I am signing up for Jenny, the "Shifted Librarian's" session at ISLMA. Since the other sessions she has done in the area are during the week, at NSLS and other locations, I figured ISLMA would be a good chance to hear the other expert in the Web 2.0 field. This will give me more ammunition to fight the"Internet is bad and dangerous" mindset going on in our school district. If any of you are there, I am presenting about "Differentiation and the Rebecca Caudill books" on Friday the 10th of November in the afternoon.


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