Sunday, August 13, 2006

Web Page Project - #6

Well, today is the last class for LIS753, one of the best classes ever at Dominican. Today is our final presentation and we will be presenting our web pages that we designed.

Here is the link to mine:

This will be my library's web page after a district web site design session on Tuesday. My goal is to be named one of the school district 's"website of the month" in the future. When all the links are finished it will be posted at

My school district requires all faculty to have web pages to communicate with both parents and students and provides us with laptops in order to do that. So, my site is currently a work in progress that will actually be used by my students and staff in the fall. All the navigation links will be live (hopefully!) after that session.

Thanks to everyone in this class for sharing their thoughts and making this a totally enjoyable class this summer. I've learned a lot and enjoyed the entire experience. We have some really talented students at Dominican and this was very obvious in this class.


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Thanks, Betty! Good luck to you!

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